Ashraya Public Charitable Trust

 Ashraya works relentlessly on its set objective; vision! The people job work cohesively as a Team that means dedicated service to the society.The Team is zesty and persevered. And the services are on contentedly. At the same time the wherewithal support is not adequate enough to cope up with speed and plans afooted. This benevolent body needs more and more financial assistances through donation. Ashraya cannot always appeal all the Samaritans to contribute liberally to the just cause. Every rupee out of the contribution will cheer up the hapless countenance. It will ennoble a disheartened. In the result, the subscriber earns the celestial glance and he becomes a truthful supporter of the ideals of Ashraya in preserving humanity.
Our Bank Details
Bank Branch
SBI Vijay Nagar, Bangalore
AlC Number IFSC Code
33565830944 SBIN0007484